GBPJPY analysis - 122.xx today??

chart h1 - 6 am Malaysia

I believe the bears will come out today... >:)

As long as the price stays below 126.00 (which is the fib 50% level of yesterday hi-lo) and provided that the yellow trendline is pierced, my target projections will be:
  1. yesterday low - 124.23
  2. fib 138.2% level - 122.92
  3. fib 161.8% level -122.11

Good luck and happy pipping ;))
9.00 am - smart bears... :))
pushed the price up to 127.00 to trap those poor bulls=((
went short at 126.80
+94 already; SL rest at +10 [-o<

9.25 am - managed to close at +85
1.30 pm - weird price action :-/
market moves erratically and have no direction...
might stay out today...
9.10 pm - getting bored already (:|
called it a day...
11.00 pm - stubborn me :">
decided to take a calculated risk
a abandoned baby pattern has appeared on the hourly chart
looks like the lower trendline will be broken soon
my stop-loss is 30 pips above the candle's high
let's see whether it will be stopped out or not :-ss
11.48 pm - SL hit :(
forgot about crude oil result coming out at 11.30 pm


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