I am greatly influenced by Jesse Livermore aka Boy Plunger, Great Chicago Bear etc... Dia ni trader tahun 1920s. Masa tu mana ada indicators... RSI la, MACD la Stochs la.. macam2 lagi...

Yet he made millions using simple and logical trading methods. Senang je... main ikut trend... TREND is YOUR FRIEND..
Jadi aku derived sistem aku ikut cara dia... (celok sikit dari thread Jacko & Phillip Nel di forexfactory.. he.. he.. he..)

  • Determine long term trend at 1W chart
  • Trade only when 4H trend is in line with 1W trend
  • Entry signal by Phillip Nel MACD indicator at 4H chart
  • No profit target... Use daily ATR14 as trailing stop loss
  • It does not matter where you open your postion
  • Anti hedging is FAR, FAR, FAR more important...

Template MT4 aku:

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