GBPJPY analysis - next week Dec 1st outlook

chart h4 - at market close
the beast entraps within 300 pips consolidation phase
the bulls and the bears agree - at least temporarily - on the beast's price level
a imminent breakout could happen in either direction
to guard against a false breakout, place a stop:
  • below the upper BLUE trendline for a upwards breakout
  • above the lower BLUE trendline if the price breaks downwards
good luck and happy trading B-)


chart h1 - 5 pm Malaysia
went short earlier at 146.00 when the yellow trendline was broken
price is now testing the lower BLUE trendline
already closed 1/2 lot (+200 pips) and moved SL to +50 for the remaining 1/2 lot...
will ride the profit

6.40 pm: +500 pips, SL moved to +100
10:30 pm: added another short at 140.56 - now +57 and +600
1.30 am:
partial closed 2nd order at +200
now remaining open orders +200 and +750 (1/2 lot each)

expecting price to hit 134.xx soon


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