GBPJPY analysis - 1st trade of the week...

chart 15 min - 11.45 am Malaysia

Price bounced off Friday high level and forming a engulfing bearish candle. Went short at 135.51 with a stop-loss placed at 136.01. Target projection is at 133.50 (fibo 50% level of Friday hi-lo).
12.55 pm - market moves too sloooooow to my liking
now +18 right now
moved SL to +1
1.00 pm +38 [-o<
2.30 pm price went down 80 pip before going up
stopped out at +30
3.15 pm sell again at 134.44
+55 within two minutes :-O
3.22 pm fibo 50% broken significantly...
will ride the roller coaster down.....\:d/
3.50 pm decided to close at +145 [-o<
4.42 pm re-sell at 133.70 based on 1-minute price action
+46 now, SL rest at +5[-o<
targeting Friday low now
5.00 pm +89, decided to set trailing stop by 50 pips
not feeling well today
will accept whatever market gives :">
5.10 pm closed out at +50
enough for the day :D
take note US banks are on holiday today..
market might moves slow afterwards


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