GBPJPY analysis - 135.21 next??

chart h1 - 7 am Malaysia
The immediate trend has turned bullish as the previous resistance zone at 134.00 has been broken. The beast moved 460 pips to hit yesterday high at 137.55. Now I am expecting the price to go down to 50% fibonacci retracement (135.21) before next direction could be determined.

I went short at 136.97 due to the engulfing bearish candle with a stop-loss at 137.75 (20 pips above yesterday high). Will move the stop-loss to +1 if the profit hit +30.

Let see whether Tokyo market agrees with my expectation or not... :-B
8.30 am - already +30
moved stop-loss to +1
now I am safe #:-S
3.30 pm - price could only go down to 135.44
a potential of 146 pips gain
decided to take profit at +90 [-o<


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