GBPJPY analysis - bears are back??

chart h4 - 10 am Malaysia

A doji followed by a bearish candle should indicate a trend continuation. Should the bears come back strongly, fib expansion 161.8% shows a possibility for the beast to hit 101.74 in coming weeks.>:)

By the way, my sell position is currently +50; SL rest at +3.
1.00 pm - +154 and +84
both positions locked in profit
no more risk [-o<
stressless trading b-)
3.15 pm - added another sell at 126.903
now at +195, +126 and +29
all positions locked in profit....
will ride the roller coaster all the way down... :D
4.30 pm - price action started to get choppy...
decided to take 2/3 of the profit..
the other 1/3 - all locked in profit..
done for the day [-o<


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