GBPJPY analysis - inverted hammer at daily???

daily and h1 chart - 8am Malaysia

An inverted hammer has appeared on the daily chart, which alerts sellers that buyers might be lurking nearby. My today trading strategy is to stay out until the market shows us the next direction by breaking any of the trendlines drawn on the hourly chart.
2.45 pm - price in sideway mode
moving within 80 pips range
currently, bulls still have a slight advantage
a breakout might be imminent...
4.30 pm - sorry guys...
could not resist a sell from rebounce set-up :">
already +50, stop-loss moved to +5
possible TP: 129.00 (next support line)

5.00 pm - closed half position at +100
the other half rest at +35
10.00 pm - good US news at 9.30 pm pushed the beast up
still staying out as I don't trade news
10.45 pm - the beast is diving... :-O
not sure why it is happening...
should yesterday low is broken, 127.20 might be hit


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