GBPJPY analysis - spinning top at h1 chart

chart h1 - 12 pm Malaysia

A spinning top has appeared at the confluence of daily fib 76.4% level and the resistance cluster. Take note of the 126.00 level - "round number" significance.

Looks bears are still too strong. Should the support at 124.24 breaks, my target projection is at the 121.00 region. :D

Note: Today's fib 132.8% and 161.8% levels are at 122.22 and 120.70 respectively.
12.48 pm - +30; SL moved to +1
1.50 pm - choppy price action
price kept ranging within 40 pips range
decided to close at +30
stay out now...
3.10 pm - re-enter sell position at 124.80
reason: immediate trendline rejection
now +32; SL rest at +1

3.28 pm - stopped out at +1
better wait for London open..
4.08 pm - London bridge is falling down... falling down \:d/
will 120.70 be hit today?>:)
4.43 pm - took partial profit at +90 [-o<
11.30 pm - 121.00 hit <:-p \:d/ [-o< ....
what can i say.... B-)


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