GBPJPY analysis - bearish again???

chart h1 - 11 am Malaysia

Price is now below the yellow lower trendline. Now watching closely whether the bears could push the baby below 138.89 or not.

Should the support broken, the beast might test yesterday's low and then 133.40 (161.8% fib level).

Let watch and play it by ear....
1.15 pm - my last night sell position stopped out in green
stay out for time being
not need to rush and chase the pips...
an advise from a pro trader
"Most people are trading for the adrenaline rush rather
than the boring concept of just maximising
profits." - Jacko
3.00 pm - two bearish candles already formed on the hourly chart
will the beast continue downwards journey?
hope it will not reverse and hit my SL

6.00 pm - some news releases pushed the price up
stopped out at +10
done for the day...


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