GBPJPY analysis - sideway mode

chart h1 - 10.50 am Malaysia

The beast is hibernating now. So, why not we do something else?

I will stay out until the beast wakes up and shows me the next direction.
6.00 pm - fall asleep just now and just opened up the chart
wowww... the beast has waken up and the direction is
clear now
went short at the close of h4 candle with a possible
target at the lower trendline (133.50)
see the h4 chart below

10.00 pm - looks the market is in uncertainty now
-10 pips after 4 hours
2.15 am - FOMC statement spiked the beast down for 200 pips
stopped out in green
done for the day
meanwhile, look at the daily candle
you should know the beast's direction tomorrow


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