GBPJPY analysis - inside bars at h4

chart h4 - 10.24 am Malaysia
inside bars at h4
indicates market indecision
breakout might occur either way...
will wait for a full h1 candle to form outside the S/R levels before deciding on next course of action

chart h1 - 1.40 pm Malaysia
price is testing the support at 137.15
should the support broken, price might hit 133.20..
went short early as the blue trendline broken...
impatient me... =))
already moved SL to +1 [-o<

5.00 pm - price went down to 136.50
7.00 pm - choppy price action, stopped at +10
3.00 am - sell again at 136.62 as price was rejected by the resistance
already moved SL to +5
let's pray the beast keep going down [-o<


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