GBPJPY analysis - waiting for MPC announcement...

market is in cautious mode...
waiting for MPC announcement at 8 pm (Malaysia) tonight...
Overall, the market continued to trade without momentum, that was seen during the Asian session, in the European trading hours, in which the majors did nothing but range trade. Investors' will now await the U.S. economic releases, which has the potential to create some strong trends for the remainder of the day.


until then - better stay out :-w


chart h1 - 3 pm Malaysia
could not resist myself =))
currently monitoring closely the support at 136.29....
should the support broken, the beast might dive to a new low... <:-P

4.00 pm
price hit new low at 136.11 \:D/
Jesse Livermore said:
"Go long when stocks reach a new high. Sell short when they reach a new low."

5.15 pm
price hit 134.11 - already locked some profit
will ride the profit B-)


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