GBPJPY analysis - no man's land...

h4 chart - 6 am Malaysia
the beast is wandering aimlessly in the no man's land...
as long as the price is below the blue resistance level and major trendline, I will keep looking for sell positions...
a clean breakout of the white trendline should confirm a downward move...

chart h1 - 12 pm Malaysia
abandoned baby pattern???
shorted earlier based on prior price action at smaller time frame
already moved SL to +1
let see how low the baby will go... :-"

12.30 pm - +490 in less of an hour...
:-O :-O :-O
reason of the free fall here at Bloomberg


chart 15 min - 6.00 pm
oohhh what an obedient baby :x
retraced EXACTLY to 38.2% fibo level and hit my sell limit
now already moved SL to +1 [-o<
possible TP: 128.xx, then 124.xx

10.15 pm - price went up to 135.50
stopped out in green
enough for the week :D


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