GBPJPY analysis - CELEBRATION CELEBRATION - mission 167.xx completed...


hit my prediction 167.xx
see here and here
done for the week...
no more trading....
let's bowling....
<:-P <:-P <:-P


  • Dear GJtrader

    Congratulations. I follow your analysis everyday and like to say that ........Excellent.

    I begin to better trade by your analysis , but present I still can't make maximum points from this because of something like ,my budget is so small .

    I like to ask you that how big of your account, and how much suitable for trading?


  • Dear Peraphat,

    what is most important is money management. do not over leverage and go with small lot size. My recommendation for new traders is maximum one micro lot for every $300 or one mini lot for every $3000 or one full lot for every $30000.

  • thanks a lot bro...we've completed our mission to visit this blog as much as u can...lots of knowledge to be gain here....the MM tips that he gave to u can double up ur account in one month...believe me...u won't regret

  • Very Much thanks for your reply. I do appreciate in your suggestion.
    Now I have a new wish in forex, because of your experience.

    Thanks again for your kindness.

    A little more question , which broker u trade? Today I'd trade at , I have trouble about confirmation to send order when the price move fast. Please recomment. Or if you be a IB at any broker, I'll be your client.

    PS. I have many forex friends in Thailand. So I beg you to translate you blog and your analysis for my friends?


  • i'm using fxpro for mini account and liteforex for micro account. well... might have same pbroblems too especially at liteforex, but still at acceptable level. take note that i'm more a trend trader than a scalper.

    no, i'm not an IB.

    huhuhu... how could i translate to thai..?? you know any method...?

  • Sorry, my English is so bad. I mean me myself will translate your analysis for my friends.

    As cikmat said I will follow to, and hope that this can help me to increase my money.

    Another more question. What method you use when the price rebound, hedging or anything else?


  • as you see, accurate analysis and good knowledge on chart patterns will help to pinpoint reasonably good entry. so we should be in profit quite fast.

    the main thing is strict money management. it is normal for GJ to retrace 300-400 pips. suppose you have usd300 and only enter 1 mini lot, your account could easily absorbs that big drawdown.

    of course, i am not recommending trading without stop-loss. but i'm stressing the importance of money management.

    but i do not use hedging. i would rather close the order and wait for new opportunity to go with major trend.

    for your info, i never go long on GJ since Aug 4th till last week.

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