GBPJPY analysis - rising wedge???

chart h1 - 11 am Malaysia
rising wedge pattern???
usually a bearish trend continuation indication...
so be patient, bears....
we gonna have fun soon

UPDATE: 5.30 pm - price made 1st attempt to break the lower trendline...
managed to bank in 250 pips based on prior price action at 5 min chart
let's see whether bears will continue to dominate the market...
at 10.45 pm, price hit 159.29 (400 pips drop)


  • i found macdcoloredv102decimal indicator , but i don't know the meaning of a number at the end of macd graph (sometime have negative number)

  • the number at the end of the graph indicates the required number of pips for the bar to change colour. i do not really pay attention to the numbers...

    i use it just to gauge whether the market is in oversold or in overbought situation.

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