GBPJPY analysis - possible inverted cup and handle pattern??

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chart h1 - 12 am Malaysia
possible inverted cup and handle pattern??
usually a trend continuation indication...
this pattern is valid ONLY if the dotted yellow lower trendline is broken..
profit-taking target? .... the height of the cup... 1,000 pips
learn more on cup and handle pattern

UPDATE: the cup and handle pattern does not materialize...
dont worry... there are plenty of other opportunities


  • salam mko..

    oppsss..misha dah ter'short' lepas break TL pada H1..demo tapi..mko penah tak cam ni? kalu ye..misha stay je la kan..coz major trend still bearish..

    PS: tapi pips nya ada sampai -600 tu..
    :) misha

  • huhuhu... i tak sihat hari ni.. tak berapa monitor chart sgt... but for your info, due to high volatility, i have reduced my lot size to 10,000 pips margin... meaning for a usd3k mini account, i only enter 0.3 lot (1 pip=30cent)...

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