GBPJPY analysis - retracement completed??

h1 chart - 1 pm Malaysia
price upsurged due to Royal Bank of Australia rate cut
shooting star candle at confluence of resistance area and daily 38.2% fibo
will price now continue to go down??
let play it by ear...

UPDATE: by 2 pm, high reliability bearish evening star has formed
downwards move is confirmed...
let's pray Frankfurt push the baby down....
price went down 50 pips during London opening...
moved SL to +5 pips
stopped out at +5



  • Oh! it's a very best analysis I found in this world. You,GJtrader ,you're the best.

    Thank for everything you help me from bankruptcy from forex.

    Pls do it as long as you can,to help me to success in forex.

    Thanks again.
    Peraphat from Thailand.

  • thank you very much...
    glad you benefited from my blog...
    keep visiting...
    btw... i am a novice trader....
    might make mistakes too :d

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