GBPJPY analysis - profit target for next week....

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weekly chart - at market close
price is at previous support zones...
fibo expansion 161.8% for points ABC is 136.726
while previous weekly low is at 129.32
so the call is yours....

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  • salam mko,

    misha sini.

    nampak gayanya GJ macam nak jadi bullish ke next week? misha agak maybe kot. kalau iye kan kita plan trade tunggu all TF hijau ke b4 take entry? normally mko buat gitu ker? tenkiu :)

  • opss..hijau=bullish


  • nope... i will let the beast go up until it is exhausted...
    i will wait for 1st h4 candle to become red and go SHOOOOOORT again...
    remember i never long this beast since early august..:d

  • dear gj trader

    i like to say u are my favorite person. u have special idea and u know everything u should do.

    such as your comment in english because u know if other language i can't understand.

  • Hi Gj trader,

    My name is Jeff MAckenzee,
    I saw your site and think there is a great potential for us working together. please email me at if you are interested.

  • I hope GJ can go until 132.60

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