GBPJPY analysis - downwards journey confirmed??

chart h1 and 15min - 3.45 pm Malaysia
chart h1 - evening star pattern in progress
chart 15min - to go short when a full 15min candle forms below the green trendline...

UPDATE: trendline broken at 4.45 pm
tank babe tank...
+30 pips by 5 pm
moved SL to +5
now i'm safe



  • Hello GJ trader

    Thanks God that bring me found your
    webblog and your excellent analysis.

    In my idea , although I have your comment that give me a correct direction to open trade, but it still very difficult for me when I had open position and then the price move in opposit way.

    I must make more confident myself.

    Thanks GJ trader.

  • dear thao-trader

    the secret is to plan your trade and trade your plan. otherwise you will be lost of direction....

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