GBPJPY analysis - 126.69 next??

chart h1 - 8.00 am Malaysia

Looks like the bears are gaining control on the beast. Should the price breaks the lower trendline, 1st target projection is Friday low (126.69).
4.00 pm - Frankfurt market pulled the price down to 127.63
the lower trendline is now pierced. [-o<
4.51 pm - Friday's low hit [-o<
125.10 and 124.10 might be hit next
8.00 pm - 126.00 broken?
will the beast dive further down? :-?
10.00 pm - closed all positions at 126.40
a pinbar on h4 chart indicates a retracement is due


  • GJ Trader, only you can pull off stuff like this!! Hats off.
    I have been studying your analysis daily but missed checking it on Saturday for headsup. Learning alot and getting better.
    Thank you so much.

  • well, forex trading is not a rocket science.

    just make it a KISS....


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