GBPJPY analysis - another bearish day??

chart h1 - 6 am Malaysia

A bearish dark cloud cover candle has formed on the the daily chart.

Today I will be watching closely on the fib 50% level. Should the price rebounds from it, I will place a sell order targeting 137.66 and 136.10; which are the yesterday's low and fib 132.8% level respectively.

Good luck and happy trading... :D
9.30 am - price hit fib 50% level
went short at 139.70; stop loss at 139.91 (21 pips risk)
let's see whether the beast agrees with me or not...

9.47 am - chickened out at +2 =))
9.55 am - re-sell again at 139.66
this time, stop loss placed at 140.06 (40 pips risk):">
10.30 am - closed at +7
choppy price action :(
1.22 pm - went short at 139.20 due to an insider bar setup at 30 min
SL 139.75 (55 pips risk)

3.40 pm - decided to close at +35
price action is still choppy...


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