GBPJPY analysis - crucial day??

chart h1 - 1 pm Malaysia

A long-legged doji has formed on the daily chart. Once again, the market is still in uncertainty mode. Or could I say... the bulls are uncertain to push the price up. :))

However, any downward move should be confirmed by a clean penetration of the lower trendline.

Dull Tokyo session implies that the market is waiting for the following results to be released tonight.
  • BOE Official Bank Rate
  • ECB Minimum Bid Rate
  • US Unemployment Claims
On technical side, a downward break below the lower trendline (approximately at 128.30) might bring the price down to 125.xx region.

Happy pipping, guys... :D
4.00 pm - still a dull day
market is still directionless :(
6.45 pm - I saw something scary for the bears :-ss
a ascending triangle is forming on the hourly chart
should 131.00 resistance is broken, 135.00 might be
on the way..
meanwhile, I am out of trade until market shows the way...

8.10 pm - UK Official Rate down to 1.0%
my buy stop was hit at 131.00
now +26; SL rest at +1
I can't remember when was my last buy position :))
8.20 pm - chickened out at +50 =))
still feeling that this is a bull trap...:">
done for the day....


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