GBPJPY analysis - could the bulls break weekly 161.8% fib??

h4 chart as of 8 am Malaysia

Yesterday price action seems to indicate that the bulls might need some rest right now. :-?

A quick look at weekly fib levels shows that the price is struggling to break 161.8% level. Should the beast decides to move down, there is a possibility that it might want to re-test the broken neckline again...
1.30 pm - will be away from chart today...
place a sell stop order at 140.44
stop-loss will be at 141.59 (115 pips risk)
wish me luck, guys... :D

10.00 pm - my sell stop was hit and now +110 [-o<
move SL to +30
11.08 pm - +260 [-o<
will ride the profit
11.51 pm - close half position at +195
the other half rest at +100
done for the day


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