GBPJPY analysis - will the bulls keep persisting??

chart h1 - 12.00 am Malaysia

The outlooks remains bullish at the moment as the price keeps lingering above yesterday high. Decided to go long at 139.62 with target projection of 142.40.

If I am wrong, my stop loss at 135.53 (a risk of 109 pips) will save me. :-ss
1.15 am - -85 pips :-s
let's pray stop loss will not be hit [-o<
2.30 am - +2 pips....#:-S
let's see whether the beast will shoot up or not...
2.41 am - +40; SL rest at +1 [-o<
2.49 am - stopped out at +1...
re-entered long again at 139.80 :-"
3.07 am - closed at +31
3.17 am - re-opened another buy 140.44
scalped +18 pips


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