GBPJPY analysis - will today be a bearish day??

chart h1 - 6.47 am Malaysia

An inside bar set up on the hourly chart. Price has pierced the trigger bar's low. I went short earlier at 134.68 due to the broken lower trendline.

Stop loss is placed at 135.30 (a risk of 62 pips). No target projection yet. Will trail the stop loss manually.
7.53 am - +50 [-o<
8.09 am - closed at +35...:D
8.45 am - another inside bar set up on the 30 min chart
placed a sell stop order at 133.90
stop loss at 134.59 (69 pips risk)
possible target projection - yesterday's low (132.88)
let's how market play it out...

12.13 pm - dull price action ~x(
decided to close at +7
4.15 pm - price hit yesterday's low
missed a potential 90 pip gain...:))


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